World Record Shregg


A Three-Dimensional Egg With Ears Aims to Break Facebook Record — February 6, 2019 — Only a month ago, an Instagram user known as @world_record_egg posted a simple photo of an egg, which quickly became the most-liked Instagram photo of all time. Now, entertainment brand 4D Engaged intends to perform a similar feat on Facebook.

The post in question utilizes 3D technology released by Facebook last February; users can pan, zoom, and spin the shregg to see it in all its green-eared glory:

“We decided to use a ‘shregg’ because we wanted the familiarity of the egg,” says a spokesperson for 4D Engaged, “but we also wanted something a lot sillier.”

The current record for most likes on a Facebook post belongs to Vin Diesel. To be successful, the three-dimensional green egg will have to collect more than 7.9 million likes. Complicating the matter is Facebook’s addition of “reactions” since the time of Diesel’s posting—it’s not clear whether Guinness World Records would count all reactions combined or strictly the “likes” (blue thumbs-up).

4D Engaged is an entertainment website with a large following on Facebook. Their unique use of Facebook’s 3D posts and 3D photos to create interactive memes has helped these formats spread in popularity.

Paul Tayne