About Us

We are 4D Engaged, an entertainment and news website.

Our origins can be traced to the fall of 2018 when we started a Facebook fan page called “4d3d3d3 Engaged”. The name was an obscure reference to Tim & Eric’s Celery Man, a comedy sketch that fit the vibe of our community well. We’ve since changed our name to 4D Engaged to appeal to a broader audience, but those playful roots still inform our current trajectory.

The original focus of our page was to create 3D memes using Facebook’s then new technology, but we have since branched out to other mediums. Our aim has always been to provide high quality humor and entertainment for our community, and to do so with excellence.

We always keep our eyes on the latest memes, viral sensations, and pop culture trends to keep our content fresh and our fans well fed. We’re glad to have you join us as one of the gang!